Use of a school-owned iPad is allowed under the following restrictions:

Internet Filtering, Profile Restrictions, and Parental Controls

On campus, all internet traffic on school devices is logged and filtered by a CIPA-compliant filter. Additionally, La Reina installs a "profile" that sets age restrictions on the types of apps and music that may be placed on the iPad. Parents are welcome to enable Apple's parental controls as well.

iCloud and iTunes accounts

It is mandatory that each student have an Apple ID (iCloud) and an iTunes account. Parents of students under 13 must create and oversee the iTunes account due to federal regulations. Apple provides several programs for under-13-year-olds including the Apple ID for Students and the Family Sharing programs. You do NOT have to associate a credit or debit card with the iTunes account (simply leave that selection as "None"). Students may use iTunes gift cards instead.

Backup and storage considerations

Students should back up their iPad data to iCloud as well as to a computer if possible; additional free storage is available from their school email accounts (Microsoft 365 OneDrive) and from companies such as Google (GoogleDrive) and Dropbox.

Technical support

Students may request technical support through their La Reina Web Portal, or by bringing their iPad to the library. The student may be supplied with a temporary iPad to use while her assigned iPad is being repaired.