Students will be issued a school-owned iPad to use at school and at home. Students are expected to use the iPads in ways that are primarily academic. 

iPads are but one tool in our students' education. Students will use the iPad not just for research and note-taking but also to create, collaborate, and communicate.

La Reina students will learn to use technology responsibly and ethically: that a thoughtful person refrains from disturbing others with technology whether at school, home, or in a public setting. Teachers will monitor student activity during class to prevent disruptive or inappropriate behavior. Additionally, students may not use their personal cell phones, school-issued iPads, or other electronic devices during Mass or assemblies, or during any community-wide gathering unless given permission.


Some student textbooks are available in digital formats: e-books, Kindle books, PDFs, online texts, iBooks, and iTunesU course materials.


Teachers will require appropriate apps to assist students in mastering the course material. It is the student's responsibility to download and update apps. Students are allowed to install additional apps on the school-owned iPads, with some limitations.