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2014- 2015 Textbooks

This year digital versions of some of the textbooks are available for you to purchase.  Please check the Required Textbook list before making any purchases.  This list will inform you of any restrictions for purchasing digital books, for example some courses require a print version and offer the digital as an option for use at home.  Other courses require the digital version and have the print version listed as optional and still other courses allow you to choose your preference.  Some texts do not have a digital version, in these cases the print version is required.

Digital versions of the texts are offered through four different vendors: MBS Direct Digital, Apple iBooks, Amazon Kindle, and Course Smart.  The “Comments” column of the list will tell you which vendor provides the digital version for the text.  Each of these vendors provide an app you can download through iTunes to access the books you purchase.  Within each app, log on using the same email and password you used for other purchases you made on the site.

Required Textbooks 2014-2015
Please check the Obsolete Textbooks list before purchasing any texts from another student.

Purchasing Digital Books:

Note from LRHS Library:  Over the summer MBS Direct, our online bookstore, informed us of their decision to change digital textbook providers from Direct Digital to Vital Source. We have been working with them to determine which titles, formerly available through Direct Digital, will be converted to Vital Source and when they will be available for purchase. We will be sending out directions on how to download Vital Source titles to your iPad later this week. These changes only affect the digital textbooks formerly available through Direct Digital.

Other digital textbooks required for your classes that are available through Amazon Kindle, Course Smart, iBooks, or Kno Textbooks can be purchased directly from those vendors.

  • MBS Direct Digital texts: Go to the MBS Direct site ONLINE BOOKSTORE
    • Directions on how to use the Direct Digital app click HERE
  • Vital Source texts:  Go to the MBS Direct site ONLINE BOOKSTORE
    • Download the Vital Source app to your iPad click HERE
  • Apple iBooks: Purchase through the iTunes desktop software or using the iBooks app on the iPad. 
  • Kno Textbooks: Go to KNO.
  • Amazon Kindle: Click Amazon
  • Course Smart: Go to Course Smart site. The rental period displayed on the site is set by the publisher.

Online Bookstore Website


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