(Updated July 24, 2013)

The Regent staff is dedicated to providing the quality education that is La Reina's tradition. The following items and opportunities, identified by the staff, will greatly enhance the students' learning and personal growth in many different areas. Full or partial donations for any of these needs will be greatly appreciated.

To donate a wish list item online, follow this link, and indicate the Item Number and/or Item Name in the field marked with an asterisk.

The students and staff are also very grateful to parents and friends who donated funds for WISH LIST items in the recent past, such as ceiling-mounted digital video projectors, electronic balances, DNA equipment, infant simulators for psychology classes, reference books, computer software and video/DVD sets. 

In addition, Legacy & Promise donations underwrite the current greatest needs including financial aid, instructional and activities enrichment, technology upgrades, and capital/campus improvements.

For more information on any of these ways to support La Reina High School, please contact

Karen Starleaf, Director of Advancement • La Reina High School 106 W. Janss Rd. • Thousand Oaks, CA 91360 805.495.6494, ext.414 • kstarleaf@lareina.com 

All donations are tax-deductible, subject to Internal Revenue Service limitations and guidelines. Consult a financial or legal adviser for personalized information on tax benefits. La Reina's nonprofit tax identification number is 95-2381453.

Thank you and God bless you for all of your generous support for the current and future Regents!

ITEM 1.1: Adopt-a-Regent

Consistent with the philosophy of the Sisters of Notre Dame and La Reina High School, every effort is made to provide a quality education for deserving students, regardless of the family's financial situation. Benefactors are invited to "Adopt-a-Regent," underwriting tuition costs for the 2013-14 school year. (Please note, these amounts reflect the annual tuition divided by the specific time period.) Currently, more than 90 students are receiving financial aid.

For the year: $11,900
For one semester: $5,950
For one quarter: $2,975
For one month: $1,190
For one week: $300
For one school day: $68

ITEM 1.2: Our Lady of Lourdes Scholarship Fund

Established in 2010, the Lourdes Scholarship Fund provides financial aid for a student with an immediate family member (parent or sibling) with a devastating medical condition that is causing financial hardship for the family.

ITEM 1.3: Gina Torrey Memorial Scholarship Fund

Students with marked academic improvement are eligible to receive the Gina Torrey Memorial Scholarship, established in memory of Gina Torrey '73. Donations are appreciated in any amount.

ITEM 1.4: Michelle Sinclair Memorial Scholarship

This award recognizes a student who exemplifies the characteristics of Michelle Sinclair ’89: an above-average grade point average, a warm and friendly personality, a positive attitude, a universal love for others, an enthusiasm for life, and courage in the challenging situations of life. Donations are appreciated in any amount.

ITEM 1.5: Stephanie Tourikian Memorial Scholarship

This award recognizes a student who exemplifies the characteristics of Stephanie Tourikian ‘92: a firm belief in god, a genuine and universal love for others, exceptional loyalty, appreciation for beauty, strong academic achievement, a highly-developed social conscience and a desire and commitment to improve the world. Donations are appreciated in any amount.

ITEM 1.6: Heidel Scholarship

This award, established through the generosity of Mary Heidel and Heidi Heidel ’94, honors a student with distinguished achievement in school activities. Donations are appreciated in any amount.

ITEM 1.7: Kairos Retreat Sponsor

Deserving students need financial aid to assist with the costs of the Kairos Retreat. Donations are appreciated in any amount.

ITEM 2.1: Staff Development

Maintaining the outstanding La Reina faculty requires a substantial commitment to staff development. Over the years, school-funded in-service opportunities for the faculty have helped to develop:

Spiritual growth activities for the students in religion classes, retreats and Campus Ministry activities;The strength of Advanced Placement courses;The integration of technology throughout the curriculum, especially the one-to-one tablet program that will be fully implemented in 2013-14;A variety of teaching methodologies which meet varied student learning styles;Staff skills and certification in cardio-pulmonary resuscitation and first aid.

Teachers often share the results of workshops and in-service classes among themselves at the monthly Faculty Meetings, at department meetings, through conferences with department chairpersons and through informal discussion.

COST: $ 250 per teacher or $ 10,000 for the school year - Donations are appreciated in any amount.

ITEM 3.1: Digital Projection System for the Library

A projection system, including a digital video projector, screen, sound system and Apple TV will help the students with many types of instruction provided in the library setting. This projection system, similar to the systems available in all classrooms, will reinforce student learning. It will also be useful for groups such as parents, students and volunteers who currently meet in the library outside the regular school day for events such as Back-to-School Night, College Planning Seminars, etc.

COST: $7,500 – Donations are appreciated in any amount.

ITEM 3.2: Transportation for "Community in Action" Elective

“Community in Action” is a new elective course designed to introduce students to social issues such as homelessness, education, elder care and the needs of other-abled populations. Informed by Catholic social teaching, the curriculum will examine the history and current state of these issues. While studying various social issues, students will learn and apply service-learning theory by building relationships with local organizations which work to address these issues in the community. Through research and dialogue, students will propose and implement service projects to address the specific needs of these organizations, such as Senior Concerns, Acacia Elementary School, Food Share, etc. Thursday class meetings will include site-visits to local organizations. Funding is needed to provide transportation to sites beyond walking distance..

COST: $1,300 per semester or $100 per trip – Donations are appreciated in any amount.

ITEM 4.1: Specialized Speech Instruction

Professional coaches share their unique skills with members of the LRHS speech team.

COST: $1,000 per month

ITEM 4.2: Publications for Speech Team Research

The following periodicals provide a wealth of resource material for members of the speech and debate teams. Subscriptions are needed for Economics, Foreign Affairs, Newsweek, Time, The Christian Science Monitor and The Wall Street Journal.

COST: $435

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