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Performing Arts

Every student is welcome to participate, regardless of prior experience. At La Reina, we take pride in stretching and shaping our young ladies’ artistic capabilities and experiences. Two main stage shows are produced a year, one play and one musical. Additional performance opportunities include Evening or Art, Shakespeare Sceneworks, Comedy Sportz improvisation team, and in the Cabaret Dinner Club. All of the above opportunities are available to the entire high school population (and many available to the Jr. High student as well) through extra-curricular activities, allowing even the most academically involved to shine in the arts at La Reina.

  • The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art exams, theatre’s equivalent to the advanced placement exam, are administered each year.
  • Choral programs perform abroad every four years and domestically every other year. Recent performances have included the Vatican and Carnegie Hall.
  • Activities requiring a higher level of expertise and available only to those who are chosen by audition include: Dance Performance Ensemble, Vocal Ensemble Experience, Spirit Team and God Lead Singers.
  • UC approved performing arts classes are available during the school day and feature their own performance opportunities.

Course Code:  C=College Prep, H=Honors, AP-Advanced Placement

Dance I-C

With primary focus on dance technique, choreography, and performance, this course is geared toward the individual dancer of any level to realize and build on strengths while encouraging growth.  The students also study the history of each dance form that they learn.  This course will help the student with body awareness, injury prevention, and an increased self-esteem.  Each student is guided to develop into a well-rounded, versatile dancer.

Dance II

This course focuses on continuing training in dance technique, choreography, and performance.  More time is spent on student choreography in this course than in Dance I, giving students the opportunity to use higher order thinking skills to develop, review, and analyze dance works.  Dancers are valued as individuals with unique strengths and weaknesses. Students explore the history of each dance, while gaining body awarnness, injury prevention, and an increased self-esteem. Each student is guided to develop into a well-rounded, versatile dancer.

Drama I-C

Students in this course develop their artistic perception, creative expression and aesthetic appreciation of theatre. This course addresses the broad areas of acting, production, and technical theatre through study of text, class discussion and active participation.  New skills in improvisation, such as space work and character building, nourish the student’s creativity.  Acting skills through scene and monologue study are emphasized. Students also build knowledge of theatre in historical and/or cultural contexts, as well as, their ability to connect and apply what is learned in drama to other art forms, subjects, and careers.  Students are given the opportunity to take part in the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art Exams, educational theatre’s equivalent to the advanced placement exam. 

Drama II-C

This course continues and extends the work done in Drama I-C. This course is designed for serious students of live dramatic performance who will deepen their understanding and experience of text and character analysis, the use of voice, physicality, psychology, and emotion. Students sharpen their skills in artistic perception and expression through the study of contemporary and classical scripts of cultural and historical significance. Students attend live theatre and watch examples on film featuring acting worthy of emulation. Improvisational activities aid students in learning to be available and connected with their fellow actors. This improvisation will depart from game formats and journey to the depth of narrative and character development associated with “long form” improv. Students are given the opportunity to take part in the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art Exams, educational theatre’s equivalent to the advanced placement exam.

Theatre Sportz I

Junior High students explore activities to develop sensitivity, imagination, and concentration.  Exercise of higher order thinking skills through improvisation develops communication skills. Classroom performance of monologues and scenes assist in demonstrating the students’ developing skills in acting. Students explore many facets of live theatre through the study of text, class discussion, and active participation.

Theatre Sportz II

After completion of Theatre Sportz I, students are presented with more challenging monologues, scene studies, and improvisation exercises. Students study technical theatre, the history of theatre, and the roles of theatre professionals.

Vocal Arts

The student’s singing is taken to the next level with an emphasis on solo vocal performance, music theory, and vocal technique.  Special topics include: audition techniques, performance etiquette, and movement for singing.  In an encouraging environment, students have many opportunities to perform and increase performance skills through practice.

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