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Visual & Performing Arts

We provide our artists with a stimulating and supportive environment for exploring the beauty and gifts of the arts. The arts help young women learn to communicate what cannot be said. When words fail, they learn they may still turn to art, music, dance, and theatre to express their feelings. Those involved in our programs learn that problems can have more than one solution and that questions can have more than one answer. Our artists learn to challenge stereotypes and think for themselves.

Our art students learn to believe in themselves and in their perceptions of the world. As they begin to trust themselves, great things result. Students of The Arts at La Reina find their talent is a solid foundation upon which to stand. This supports many of their other pursuits now and throughout life.

Course Code:  CP=College Prep, H=Honors, AP-Advanced Placement

Art I-CP

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of art, emphasizing technical and expressive skills, basic art concepts, and the language and theory of art and design. Students will be taught how to draw by learning the proper use of tools and by receiving training in each of the skills necessary to become an accomplished artist. Students will move through the basics of drawing, two-dimensional design, collage, color theory, and painting. Students will have the opportunity to develop a solid foundation in conceptual and visual theory. Students will be exposed to various artists and works of art throughout history to give them perspective on each concept explored.  In addition, students will learn to compare and contrast different works of art and art movements relative to the artwork’s historic and cultural context.



This course expands on all the concepts, disciplines, and skills learned in Art I. Students are asked to refine their skills through more creative and active problem solving. Drawing, painting, and other two-dimensional projects continue to dominate the course content.  Sculpture and other three-dimensional projects are gradually introduced. The course will also consist of art appreciation whereby the students will learn about new concepts, media, and materials through viewing artwork.


This course is an advanced level art course for students who are interested in continuing to develop their art skills and self-expression in an effort to expand their portfolios. Students enrolled in this course explore advanced design concepts of Adobe Illustrator, Printmaking techniques and practical applications of mixed media compositions. Students will continue to do weekly sketchbook assignments and will be creating at least one piece for exhibit in local student art competitions.

Art History-AP

The Advanced Placement Art History course is an historical introduction to the humanities. Its objective is to present a chronological overview of the visual arts by focusing upon artistic developments in the context of philosophy, scientific advancement, religion, aesthetic theory, social context, and political events surrounding their origins and development. Emphasis is given to the diverse historical and cultural perspective in which the artistic endeavors were created. A working methodology of painting, sculpture, architecture and other forms of artistic expression, from the past to the present, is explored.

Academic Computer Skills

This course introduces the student to various computer skills, including keyboarding, word processing, spreadsheets, drawing tools, presentation software, sound editing, video editing, and Internet resources. Students learn to use Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Garage Band, iMovie, and are introduced to Adobe Photoshop.

Sculpture A-CP

This basic art course introduces students to three-dimensional art. Additive and reductive techniques are explored using diverse materials including paper, wood, plaster, mixed media, found objects, and clay. The elements and principles of art/design are addressed thereby giving students the opportunity to develop a solid foundation in concepts and visual theory. Students are encouraged to discover their own aesthetic sense through each hands-on project. Comparing and contrasting works of the major artists throughout history will help students understand the creative process, as well as appreciate and discuss art of various cultures from past to present based on their understanding of the concepts, ideas, techniques, and materials of those cultures.

Sculpture B-CP

This class is an introductory course in ceramic hand building. Students use white and red earthenware, explore primitive and electric kiln firings, and investigate a multitude of glazing techniques. The second half of this class will focus on advanced building techniques including time on the potter’s wheel.


This introductory course explores the visual ideas and language of photography. Students learn how to see the world through the camera and to develop their own language of photography as an image-making medium. This course will prepare students for further work in photography or for collaboration with other media arts. Students will investigate the technical, visual, and expressive aspects of traditional and non-traditional photography. Technical control of the camera and digital media will be demonstrated throughout the course. Discussions and critiques of coursework begin the process of creating an aesthetic language for the evaluation of photography as an art form as well as a catalyst for one’s individual work. Students are required to have access to a 35mm digital camera for this course; a 35mm DSLR is preferred.

Studio Arts-Drawing-AP, Drawing 2D-AP, 3D-AP

The Advanced Placement Studio Art course is an advanced studio fine arts course for the college-bound and potential career-oriented art student.  It is designed for talented students who wish to pursue a college-level curriculum in the high school environment. Emphasis is placed on drawing, painting, or sculpting from direct observation and principles of design and composition, color management and theory, and the development and production of a cohesive body of work with an overall emphasis on quality. Students will present and submit a finished studio art portfolio to the AP College Board for final evaluation and assessment, which includes 24 works of art for Drawing for 2-D and 18-20 works of art for 3-D.

Introduction to Digital Illustration

Students learn the fundamentals of Animation and Illustration. Starting with character design and background design, then moving to animals and storyboards, students learn the classic animation process and move into the digital realm with Adobe Flash. All projects, even hand drawn projects, will be transferred into a digital environment, thus equipping the student with skills in Adobe Photoshop and Flash. In addition, students will create their own characters and apply their newly acquired skills to a variety of exciting projects.

Digital Illustration

Students learn the fundamentals of Illustration and Animation. Students will start with character and background design, then move to animals and graphic novels. Students learn the design process from pencil to the digital realm with Photoshop and Illustrator.  Students will create their own characters and stories, applying their newly acquired skills to a variety of exciting projects including comics and storybook illustration.

Introduction to Graphic Design

Graphic Design is a semester class that introduces visual communication. Students will learn the fundamental of Graphic Design and Composition in a variety of projects. Students will express creativity in projects exploring the use of text and images. This course integrates tools from Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Graphic Design I-CP

In Graphic Design, students learn the art of visual communication using words and images. Students spend an extensive period of time learning Adobe Photoshop, In Design and Illustrator. Students will learn to manipulate images, paint digitally, and lay out a book for printing. They will also learn advertisement and logo design and will put those skills to use by creating posters and other challenging typographic designs.

Graphic Design II-CP

Graphic Design II allows students to further explore visual communication and to further build upon skills learned in Graphic Design I. Students continue their exploration of Adobe Photoshop, In Design and Illustrator.

Video Production

Students learn the fundamentals of video productions including skills with a camera, sound recording, lighting and narrative filmmaking. Projects will be collaborative in nature and will range from music videos and PSA announcements to short films. Software including iMovie, Garage Band, and Adobe Premier is used to create excellent student pro- ductions.  Students have their films screened at an annual film festival and are encouraged to enter their films into local film contests.

Vocal Arts I-CP

High School course focussing on solo singing. Units include: Folk Music, Sacred Music, Art Song/Opera, Musical Theatre, Jazz and Contemporary Music. Emphasis on music history, theory and musicianship, vocal technique and performance skills.

Vocal Arts II-H

A continuation of Vocal Arts I with more in-depth analysis and assignments. (Pre-requisite: Vocal Arts I)

Senior Capstone Recital

A course culminating in a 20-30 minute solo Senior Vocal Recital (UC approval pending)
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