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Physical Education

Our junior high students participate in the SPARK Middle School Physical Education Program. This program is designed to be more inclusive, dynamic, and interactive than traditional PE classes. We integrate team sports and a variety of activities aimed at increasing hand-eye and foot-eye coordination. Our students participate in the Presidential Youth Fitness Program which emphasizes healthy living habits that include proper nutrition and daily exercise.

To fulfill their physical education requirement, high school students must participate in a team sport or enroll in a Dance or Core/Cardio class.

Core, Cardio, Flexibility & More

Students will learn concepts and practices to develop cardio conditioning, core strength and flexibility for healthier living.  There will be an emphasis on cardio conditioning with students learning to measure their own level of fitness.   A variety of core training techniques will be introduced including hand weights, yoga and Pilates.  Proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices will be reinforced.

Dance I-C

With primary focus on dance technique, choreography, and performance, this course is geared toward the individual dancer of any level to realize and build on strengths while encouraging growth in areas of weakness. The students study the history of each dance form that they learn.  This course helps the student with body awareness, injury prevention, and an increased self-esteem. Each student is guided to develop into a well-rounded, versatile dancer.

Dance II-C*

This course focuses on continuing training in dance technique, choreography, and performance. More time is spent on student choreography in this course than in Dance I, giving students the opportunity to use higher order thinking skills to develop, review, and analyze dance works. Dancers are valued as individuals with unique strengths and weaknesses. Students study the history of each dance, while gaining body awareness, injury prevention, and an increased self-esteem. Each student is guided to develop into a well-rounded, versatile dancer.


*UC Fine Arts Approval Pending

Dance Performance

The class focuses primarily on jazz hip hop, and contemporary/lyrical styles.  Ballet and modern techniques are also explored, giving the dancers a widened perspective of the field of dance.   The class will perform at school rallies, Comedy Sportz  matches and in the annual school dance competitions.

Spirit Team

Members of the Spirit Team will learn physical fitness by focusing on the proper positioning and execution of dances, stunts, jumps, and cheer motions while maintaining a high performance value.  Each practice contains a 15-30 minute warm-up including conditioning techniques used in the P.E. curriculum. Dance styles such as jazz, hip hop, musical theater, and others are incorporated to give a versatile dance educational experience such as that of the Dance Performance course which develops coordination and allows for a quicker learning potential. In congruence with all physical activities of this course, safety and injury prevention techniques are taught to maintain a healthy and fit body. 

Students earn 2.5 credits per semester, 5 credits for the year. It takes TWO years of Spirit Team to fulfill the 10 P.E. required credits for graduation.

To receive P.E. credit members of the Spirit Team must participate in all required practices and performances/activity as outlined in the teams contract.

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