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In order to provide our students with enrichment courses that are non-graded as well as offer a period at the end of the day for teams or groups to meet and practice, we offer period seven electives.   These elective offerings complement our academics by providing classes in fine arts, practical arts, literary arts, speech & debate, athletics, and academic enrichment & advisement.  Period seven electives allow students to become well rounded and develop their individual talents and abilities.  

"All Things Food"

This course is a hands-on class designed to introduce students to the world of practical cooking.  Students will enjoy learning fundamental techniques and skills important to building a strong foundation in cooking.  Students will learn proper knife skills.  They will also learn about different cooking methods, such as sauté, baking, roasting, braising, grilling, and blanching, and why each method is used. Students will have the opportunity to taste foods that they may not have tried before, as well as be exposed to some ethnic foods that they have always wondered about or never heard of.  Students will be working with raw foods, so if the idea of handling raw fish, poultry or meat makes the student squeamish, this class is not for her.

Dance Performance Ensemble

The team focuses primarily on jazz, hip hop, and contemporary/lyrical styles. Ballet and modern techniques are also explored, giving the dancers a widened perspective of the field of dance. The team will perform at school rallies, Comedy Sportz matches, and in the annual school dance competitions. The team is selected through auditions in the spring. Fees will be assessed for uniforms, costumes and participation in the musical.

Journalism: The Herald

Students who join the La Reina Herald will consider the issues of journalistic writing, research, design, photography, graphics, leadership and teamwork issues, press ethics and the law, history of journalism, comparative media, and careers in communications. The course emphasizes the skills and knowledge required to produce a newspaper and contributes to the production of the school’s newspaper. Students will conduct interviews, write in a variety of journalistic forms, discuss editorial positions, and design layouts for the school’s newspaper. Students will be using Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.


Mock Trial Workshop

The focus of the Mock Trial class is critical thinking, logic, organization, and performance skills.  Using two National Forensic League events, Extemporaneous and Impromptu Speaking, and one Debate event, Parliamentary Debate, students sharpen their ability to create and deliver timed speeches and rebuttals to opposing arguments.


Speech & Debate Workshop

Speech Workshop and Debate Workshop are designed for students looking for honors level speaking/performance courses.  These classes offer the varsity level Speech and Debate teams what they need most: dedicated practice time four days a week.  Students are expected to travel to and compete in 3 tournaments/competitions during the course of the year.  Click here for more information on the Speech and Debate Team

Study Hall

Students who are involved in extra-curricular activities or who would like to get a jump start on their homework or school-related projects may choose this class.   NHS tutors may be available for homework assistance and test preparation during this work period.

Vocal Arts Workshop

This course will focus on solo vocal performance, music theory, and vocal technique. Special topics include audition techniques, performance etiquette and movement for singing. In an encouraging environment, students will have many opportunities to perform and increase perfor- mance skills through practice.

World Cinema Workshop

Students will be introduced to a variety of films and film excerpts from progressive generations and international directors.

Topics to be considered:

  • Film techniques as artistic expression - i.e. use of color, camera angles
  • Cultural themes - i.e. gender roles, loyalty, politics, romanticism
  • Historical portrayals - truth vs. Hollywood
  • Documentaries - who makes what for whom and why?
  • The Asian wave

Writing for Screen and Stage

This course introduces students to script writing for stage, television, and film. Students develop proficiency in structuring plots, designing characters, and creating believable dialogue. Learning is facilitated through discussion of contemporary conventions in these industries, analysis of masterful scripts, and frequent practice in the writing and revision of original scripts. Students collaborate on projects with peers, as well as observe and critique staged readings of their own scripts. Student productions of short films, commercials, and final stage readings showcase their scripts and allow students to more fully experience the roles of the playwright and the screenwriter in collaboration with other artists. Lastly, students can use the final products created in this course to begin building a creative portfolio, suitable for college admissions applications in the arts.

Yearbook: The Courier

Yearbook captures the school memories that students will enjoy. Students  learn effective ways to develop a theme, design layouts, write copy, and tell stories visually. Editors-in-chief and section editors are in charge of creating the book and meeting the deadlines.

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