La Reina prepares students to navigate any path in the rapidly shifting landscape of the 21st century. We do this by leveraging each individual's natural strengths and skills. With Universal Design for Learning, our teachers build lesson plans that emphasize a student-centered experience, combining instructional strategies, both classic and tried-and-true, with new technology and research. The goal is to make your academic experience authentic and personalized – to make your future our focus.

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The Academic Pathway Program lets you design your future from the classroom up – to take ownership of your learning in active partnership with teachers and fellow students. It’s a deep dive into your chosen area of study. Coupled with onsite, personalized college counseling, La Reina gives you all the tools you need to create a future unique to you and your passions.

La Reina’s teachers have taught me to love learning and have become my advocates and friends. La Reina has given me the confidence to pursue my dreams and stand up for what I believe in. It taught me the value of service, and has sparked my passion to create a better world.

Julianna Emanuel ‘17; University of Pennsylvania, B.A. International Relations and Affairs, 2021 candidate


Average Class Size = 24
100% College Acceptance Rate
AP Pass Rate 88%
32 AP and Honors
Level Courses
college planner, academic and personal counseling services
$10+ Million in college scholarships awarded to the class of 2021

High School Graduation Requirements

English - 8 semesters

Math - 6 semesters

Religious Studies - 8 semesters

Science - 6 semesters

Social Science - 6 semesters

Visual and Performing Arts - 2 semesters

World Languages - 4 semesters

Physical Education - 2 semesters

Electives - 2 semesters

Speech - 1 semester

Technology - 1 semester

Middle School Requirements

English - 6 semesters

Math - 6 semesters

Physical Education - 6 Semesters

Religious Studies - 6 semesters

Science - 6 semesters

Social Science - 6 Semesters

World Languages or Electives - 6 semesters