Academics at La Reina

At La Reina, we understand how girls learn best. Our curriculum is designed to inspire curiosity, build competency, and prepare young women for a lifetime of success.
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We provide a well-rounded and rigorous Catholic education that builds on the lessons of a traditional and classical education while pushing forward into today's interconnected, global society.

La Reina students are challenged to explore their curiosity and individuality, engage their intellect and empathy, and strengthen their voices and values.

La Reina faculty work as partners both within their departments and across departments to ensure that students receive a well-rounded and integrated education.

To learn more about each department, please use the links below.

High School Graduation Requirements

English - 8 semesters

Math - 6 semesters

Religious Studies - 8 semesters

Science - 6 semesters

Social Science - 6 semesters

Visual and Performing Arts - 2 semesters

World Languages - 4 semesters

Physical Education - 2 semesters

Electives - 2 semesters

Speech - 1 semester

Technology - 1 semester

Middle School Requirements

English - 6 semesters

Math - 6 semesters

Physical Education - 6 Semesters

Religious Studies - 6 semesters

Science - 6 semesters

Social Science - 6 Semesters

World Languages or Electives - 6 semesters