How do you teach Shakespeare to a seventh-grade student?

The answer, it turns out, is very carefully. You need to know where the students are emotionally to navigate around some of the language that might otherwise cause the girls to collapse in fits of giggles. You have to be extra patient and persistent to help students stay focused when it feels like the language will never make any sense. La Reina teachers know that the payoff is worth it. Seventh grade Shakespeare launches La Reina students on an annual journey through Julius Caesar, Romeo and Juliette, and even King Lear.

In a program unlike any other in the area, La Reina students read Shakespeare every year, grades 7 – 12. Through this program, students learn not just the classics, but also the value of doing close reading of difficult literature. Shakespeare is a huge challenge, and La Reina English faculty help students rise to meet it.

La Reina is also the only school in the area to require consistent writing practice. What begins as weekly practice grows into daily practice by senior year. La Reina alumnae routinely report - regardless of their profession - that the writing skills they learned at La Reina have helped them advance in their careers and contributed to their confidence as communicators.

Our SAT scores demonstrate the effectiveness of the curriculum. La Reina students score 14% higher on the English and writing section of the SAT compared with their female peers in California.

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