Religious Studies

Who are we? What is our purpose? How do we live a good life?

Religion courses at La Reina encourage students to grapple with life’s biggest questions while also grounding them in the history and traditions of the Catholic faith. Through guided introspection, community service, prayer, and academic engagement, La Reina students deepen their self-understanding and sense of purpose as well as enhancing their relationships with others.

Students of all faiths are welcome at La Reina and are encouraged to share their diverse perspectives in religion classes. La Reina religion faculty teach and practice Catholicism, and promote understanding and respect for those of different faith traditions.

Through religion classes, La Reina students come alive to the experiences of others, developing compassion and a profound sense of purpose.

* The high school curriculum is in alignment with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops framework for Catholic Schools.

Religious Studies High School Courses

Religious Studies Middle School Courses