Where Students Design Their Future, Ignite Their Passion, and Discover Their Purpose

For every student who says, “How will I use this in the real world?” La Reina’s Design Your Future Academies will provide answers.  The Academies will contribute to our students becoming self-confident leaders and increasingly self-reliant as they begin college knowing that they have already begun to design their future at La Reina.

How will the Design Your Future Academies change learning at La Reina?

The Academies:

  • Offer students a more personalized academic experience.
  • Empower students to take ownership of their learning in active partnership with teachers, fellow students and community partners
  • Enhance La Reina’s student-centered approach by incorporating high quality, relevant and engaging content in and out of the classroom.
  • Enable students to learn about what they love!

What are the advantages to La Reina’s students?

Students will:  

  • Find out what they really enjoy, helping them make more informed choices for college such as:
    • Which colleges and universities best serve their interest.
    • Which major(s) best serve their interest.
  • Be distinguished within the college application process.  
  • Have an opportunity to begin the networking process early.

How will the Design Your Future Academies help La Reina’s students design their future, ignite their passion and discover their purpose?

Students will be:

  • Invited by their counselor to consider entering the Design Your Futures Academies program.  
  • Encouraged to focus their course selections with regard to their chosen pathway.
  • Exposed to potential careers through the Speaker Series.
  • Immersed in their chosen pathway through experiential learning that includes:
    • Internship between junior and senior year – beginning summer 2021.
    • Mentorship for college-age graduates and other La Reina alumnae -- beginning summer 2021.
    • Field trips
  • Inspired by targeted lessons on networking, business communication, email and social media etiquette.

When will the Design Your Future Academies program begin?

The Design Your Futures Academies program is underway as students begin working with their counselor and the Director of Student Programs this spring to learn about the Academies and determine their path.

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