Guidance and Counseling

We ensure that the personal, academic, intellectual, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs of each girl are addressed via a comprehensive program and curriculum by adhering to, and going beyond, the National Standards for School Counseling Programs (American School Counselor Association).

Our counselors take a personal approach with each individual girl to help them navigate any challenges they may encounter.

Every student has an appointed counselor who will help her to address academic goals, to select and apply to her optimal colleges, and to address personal issues, and help resolve conflicts. Guidance services are delivered via a combination of personalized, one-on-one meetings between each girl and her counselor as well as via small group, large group, grade level, and whole school offerings.

Academic Counseling

We help facilitate communication between the school and parents, monitor student progress, advise on class placement and assist in scheduling. The Guidance Department encourages students to understand the relationship of academics to potential careers, to their lives at home, and to the community. Our goal is to help students acquire the knowledge and skills that contribute to effective life-long learning.

Other areas addressed in Academic Counseling include:

  • Clarifying educational goals and objectives
  • Creating academic plans
  • College counseling
  • Tutoring referrals
  • Motivational strategies
  • Time management

College Counseling

La Reina offers individual counseling for college planning for students and/or parents of all grades 6 - 12, with a strong focus on juniors and seniors. The college counseling program is dedicated to guiding and preparing students for their transition to college. Individual and family meetings, class workshops, and evening information sessions are offered throughout the year to keep students and parents informed about college planning and the application process.

La Reina students complete a college preparatory curriculum that is aligned with the standards for admission to the University of California. Of those in the Class of 2018 who applied, 100% were accepted to colleges and universities across the United States. For a complete list of college acceptances see the link to the right.

La Reina utilizes Naviance/Family Connection for the main purposes of college and career research, for the coordination of the application process, and to list scholarship information.

Visit our College Planning Resource Guide for more information and resources about college.

Our school CEEB code is 053501

Personal Counseling

The Guidance and Counseling Program at La Reina gives girls an opportunity to discuss personal, academic, and social issues in a confidential manner. Personal Counseling is designed to identify students' strengths and enhance personal growth skills in the learning environment and to provide strategies and perspective in navigating the teenage years and/or personal situations or challenges. All guidance counselors are trained to support the personal counseling needs of their counselees, and a personal counselor, who is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, is also available for additional counseling support. Parents are also welcome to make an appointment to discuss parenting and personal issues as well. Appointments with the personal counselor can be scheduled by contacting Mrs. Hobmann.

Personal counseling can provide support for individual concerns that might interfere with personal success and satisfaction, academic progress and social development while at La Reina. Some of the more common concerns include difficulty with friends, teachers, or family members; depression and anxiety; lack of motivation, difficulty concentrating or studying; uncertainties about personal values and beliefs, along with many other issues.

Students and their parents are encouraged to request appointments with their assigned counselor or with another counselor at any time.

Growth Groups

We also offer Growth Groups, which meet regularly during the school year and offer an opportunity for girls to get together and share their thoughts and concerns with their peers in a supportive environment. These groups are organized by grade level and usually meet once a week for approximately seven weeks

College Representatives

We are now utilizing the online program, Counselor Community (formerly RepVisits), to schedule our college visits. Please click the button below if you are interested in booking a visit to La Reina High School. We look forward to having you on campus.

Counselor Community