College Planning Checklist

To the right are helpful checklists by grade to assist you in planning out your academic year and college planning.

College Testing

General Testing Information

College admission tests, combined with a student’s academic record, help college admission officers make fair and informed admission decisions. The best time to take college admission tests is in the spring of your junior year and October of your senior year.

The best way to perform as well as possible on the SAT or ACT is to be a good student - not to try to cram, but to be a good student over the long term. Be an adept, careful, subtle, insightful reader. Read as much as you can, write a lot, learn to use language effectively, take challenging courses, and solve problems in and out of school. Think - that's the best way to maximize one's performance on the SAT and ACT.

Helpful websites for planning to take either the SAT or ACT test:

Free Test Prep:

SAT Exam

Test Dates and Registration Deadlines

Below are the SAT test dates. Visit the College Board website for more information and to register for the test.

Test Date

August 26, 2017 July 28, 2017 August 8, 2017
October 7, 2017September 8, 2017September 19, 2017
November 4, 2017October 5, 2017October 17, 2017
December 2, 2017November 2, 2017November 14, 2017
March 10, 2018February 9, 2018February 28, 2018
May 5, 2018April 6, 2018April 17, 2018
June 2, 2018May 3, 2018May 15, 2018

ACT Exam

Test Dates and Registration Deadlines

Below are the ACT test dates. Visit the ACT website for more information and to register for the test.

Test Date
February 10, 2018January 12, 2018February 21, 2018
April 14, 2018March 9, 2018April 24, 2018

College Rep Visits

Researching Colleges

Here are some websites that are very helpful in identifying and researching colleges that would be a good fit for your student.

  • Naviance: Naviance has many tools to help with your college search. Using your login information set-up by La Reina, start simple with the “college search” function. If you would like to narrow your search, use the SuperMatch college search option, which will give you more insight into individual colleges. If you discover a college in which you are interested, save it to your “college I’m thinking about” list.
  • College Board’s Big Future: This is another good resource for your college search.
  • College Niche: Looking for reviews from real students? College Niche surveys students at colleges on a variety of topics and students give real feedback. These reviews are a place to start, but don’t let them stop you from forming your own opinions about a college.
  • California Colleges: Explore your options for higher education in California.
  • California State University System: Explore the Cal State schools! 23 great colleges at an affordable price tag.
  • University of California System: Explore the UCs! 9 unique campuses all over California.
  • Catholic Colleges: Information on Catholic colleges and universities committed to promoting the value of Catholic higher education.
  • College that Change Lives: A group of colleges dedicated to providing a student-centered education.
  • Virtual Campus Tours: Can’t visit? This website allows you to take virtual tours of schools across the country.
  • Western Undergraduate Exchange: Want to go out of state, but don’t want to pay out of state tuition? Check out these great options.

College Applications

These are the most commonly used online college applications.

There are two other less commonly used online college applications:

Careers & Majors

La Reina uses Naviance to help students explore career and major options. During in-class workshops, we guide students through personality and career interest inventories to allow them to identify potential career paths. Here are a few other websites with helpful resources on careers and college majors.

Financial Aid for College

Below are great resources on financial aid, scholarships and making college affordable:

College Athletic Information

Interested in being a college student-athlete, be sure to learn about the NCAA and NAIA eligibility requirements: