Return to School


Keeping our students, faculty and staff as safe as possible is La Reina's top priority.
La Reina’s Return to Campus Plan, approved by the county, meets or exceeds all health and safety guidelines. All students returned to campus for the 2021-22 school year wearing masks which cover their nose and mouth and fit under the chin.  Daily temperature checks are required before students enter the campus.

La Reina’s commitment to our families.
The faculty and staff,  in consultation with La Reina’s Return to Campus Task Force, have discussed all aspects of the educational experience and were poised for success as students returned to campus. Teachers, staff, and administration are committed to providing strong, rigorous and relevant learning experiences for our students, that support their social and emotional growth.  La Reina provides a transformative educational experience for girls and continues to accept applications for the 2020-21 school year.


Return to Campus Task Force
Leaders:  Tony Guevara, M.Ed., President
                  Maggie Marschner, M.Ed., Principal
*Indicates Subcommittee Lead

Clifton Brender – Technology support
Tony Ciecierski – Director of Technology
Verna Linskey - Controller
*Kurt Sauter –  Regional Manager, Federal, Enterprise Networks at Cisco, Board Member

Dr. Matthew Love –  Assistant Professor, California State University, San Jose
*Maggie Marschner – Principal
Robin Privat – Faculty, Visual & Performing Arts Chair
Lisa Pino – Registrar, Director of Student Programs
Caroline McKay, M.D. – Faculty, Foreign Language
Department Chair

Mental Wellness:
Nikki Blake - Faculty
Emily Beutner – Dean of Student Life
Mindy Hobmann, LMFT – Director of Guidance & Counseling
*Robin Privat - Faculty, Visual & Performing Arts Chair

Emily Beutner – Dean of Student Life
Verna Linskey - Controller
Cameron Parton – Cafeteria Manager
*Laird Wilson – Director of Facilities and Operations

*Caroline McKay, M.D.
Patricia Murguia, RN
Marc Reinoso, M.D., Emergency Room Physician
Chris Tolcher, M.D., Pediatrician

Victor Fazio - City of Moorpark, Chief of Police
*Laird Wilson – Director of Facilities and Operations

Catholic Identity/La Reina Traditions
Betsy Potts – Former Faculty, Board Member
*Chad Ribordy – Faculty – Religion Department Chair

Renee Biezins – Director of Admissions
Darlene Goodman – Associate Director of Communications
*Karen Starleaf, MPH – Director of Advancement and Communications

Verna Linskey - Controller

Emily Beutner – Dean of Student Life
*Dan Peeters – Director of Athletics

*Renee Biezins – Director of Admissions
Suzanne Emanuel – La Reina Parent Organization
Anne Zimmerman – La Reina Parent Organization

Jarrod Wilfert, Esq.