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At La Reina, we understand that young women and young men learn differently, lead differently, and create community differently. Our faculty are experts in girls' education ensuring that La Reina offers unique opportunities for students to learn more effectively, to lead more boldly, to explore more freely and to develop the confidence for whatever they decide comes next.

If you’ve ever met a La Reina student, you’ve witnessed the rewards of an all-female, Catholic education. Our students and graduates are uncommonly poised, self-confident, empathetic, compassionate, assertive, and successful young women ready to take on life's challenges.


What does research show?

Experts confirm:

"Girls at all levels of achievement in single-sex schools receive a … benefit from the single-sex environment in terms of heightened career aspirations – an effect unprecedented in any other portion of our study."
Dr. Cary Watson, Stanford University; Sex Roles: A Journal of Research


"During the middle school years, girls show a decline in both their performance in math and their attitudes towards math. New research suggests that girls’ schools may mitigate the decline when compared with coed schools."

Dr. Carlo Cerruti, Harvard University; Exploring Girls Attitudes About Math


"More than two-thirds of girls’ school graduates expect to earn a graduate or professional degree."
Dr. Richard Holmgren, National Coalition of Girls’ Schools; Steeped in Learning: The Student Experience at All-Girls’ Schools


"93% of girls’ school graduates feel they were offered greater leadership opportunities than their peers at coed schools and 80% have held leadership positions since graduating high school."

Goodman Research Group
The Girls’ School Experience: A Survey of Young Alumnae of Single-Sex Schools


"13% of girls' school graduates major in STEM fields compared to 2% of girls who attend co-ed high schools."
National Coalition of Girls' Schools

Over 40% of La Reina graduates over the last three years have majored in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics.

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Strong Women

Saint Julie Billiart, the founder of the Sisters of Notre Dame, instructed her teachers to “train up strong women” and that is exactly what we do. Time and time again, our alumnae share with us how they are leaders in their communities and in the workplace.

Meet our alumnae!


In my time in college so far, I've learned a lot, but the most striking lesson is the benefit La Reina gave me in an all-female education...I found my voice at La Reina. I learned how to speak up and speak out despite the many voices trying to silence me. And I learned how to take control of my own education.

- Rachel Lee `17

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