Through the generosity of dedicated donors, we are pleased to offer a plethora of scholarships to incoming 9th graders. You are encouraged to review the below scholarships and contact the admissions office with any questions.

The Barkley Math and Science Scholarship

This goes to the student with the highest score on the math section of the entrance exam. This is a $1,000 scholarship and is only eligible to current La Reina 8th graders promoting to 9th grade.

The Sisters of Notre Dame Scholarship

Available to two ninth grade applicants, this scholarship is based on the written essay portion of the entrance exam. Awards will be given in June, are credited to the new student’s tuition account. All eligible students taking the entrance placement test at La Reina are automatically considered for this scholarship.

High School Placement Test Scholarship

Available to any ninth grade applicant currently attending a Catholic partner school, this $500 scholarship will be awarded to the applicant with the highest composite score on the entrance placement test. Awards will be given in June, are credited to the new student’s tuition account.

The Paulson Family Scholarship

La Reina is pleased to offer a $1,000 scholarship to every local parish. To apply, applicants must obtain a recommendation letter for their parish pastor and 

This scholarship is awarded to a student with high moral character and demonstrated financial need. It is a $1,000 scholarship that renews automatically each year as long as the student maintains a 3.0 GPA. All eligible families will receive an email in June with the application materials.

Current La Reina High School students are eligible to apply for these annual scholarships:

  • The Heidel Family Scholarship
  • The Powers Scholarship
  • The Sinclair Scholarship
  • The St. Jude Scholarship
  • The Tourikian Scholarship


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