A La Reina education is the investment of a lifetime.

When you choose to invest in a La Reina education, you are choosing to transform your child's future.

La Reina students are challenged and inspired through a dynamic academic environment, inspiring retreats and community service, engaging outdoor programming, outstanding athletics and arts programs, and invaluable opportunities to connect with their community and earn the confidence to share their voices.

"La Reina offers incredible resources and support, and an ongoing relationship with teachers and counselors who know and are invested in our daughter's success. She was accepted at her first choice dream school because of how La Reina prepared her in and out of the classroom."

Current and Alumna Parent, Michelle Runnels


Tuition and Fees

Thoughtfully and carefully, the La Reina Board of Trustees seeks to price tuition appropriately to provide for the best possible education for our students.


2019-2020 Tuition

  • High School: $18,500 (which includes a $1,000 non-refundable tuition deposit)
  • Middle School: $17,550 (which includes a $1,000 non-refundable tuition deposit)

Payments are made on line at www.TADS.com or can be mailed to

TADS (checks payable to TADS)


110 N. 5th Street, 2nd Floor


Minneapolis, MN 55403


Non-refundable tuition deposits must be paid in full and tuition accounts must be in current status in order for a student to begin classes in the fall. Accounts must remain current in order for a student to be granted permission to sit for semester and final exams. Please contact the La Reina's Business Office at 805-495-6494, ext. 1005 for more information.


Students requiring a Form I-20/F-1 student visa in order to attend school in the United States must contact the Admissions Office for further information on admission criteria and tuition and fees. The above tuition schedule applies to students that do not require a Form I-20/F-1 student visa.

Tuition Assistance

Each year, La Reina gives nearly $400,000 in tuition assistance to approximately 24% of our student body.

Families applying to La Reina for the upcoming school year who can demonstrate financial need may also apply for tuition assistance by submitting an online tuition assistance application at www.TADS.com. A processing fee of $34 is payable to TADS at the time of submission.


Families requesting tuition assistance must reapply each school year.


Funds for tuition assistance are limited. Priority consideration will be given to those families who submit their tuition assistance applications by February 3, 2020. Interested families should make every effort to meet the deadline. Applications received after this date will be considered based on any remaining funds available.


In order to receive notification of a tuition assistance award, an applicant must have received an offer of admission for the 2020-2021 school year. Offers of admission are sent on March 6, 2020 for all High School applications received prior to January 17, 2020. Family notification of tuition assistance amounts will be sent with offers of admission providing the family has successfully met the priority filing deadline. Families missing the priority filing deadline will be notified of any tuition assistance award approximately three weeks after completion of the online Tuition Assistance application.


All families must fully complete a two-step process in order to receive tuition assistance:

  • Step #1 is to complete the online application at www.TADS.com and submit required documentation and letter of Special Circumstances (including prior year tax returns, revenue and expenses verification, pay stubs, and Form 4506-T), as specified in the application. Priority consideration is given to those who apply by February 3, 2020.
  • Step #2 requires submission of all remaining documents requested for review and verification by TADS (including completed current year tax returns, K-1’s etc.). All requested documentation must be submitted to TADS no later than May 31, 2020.

Tuition assistance awards will be considered preliminary and remain as such until the school receives notification from TADS that all documents, including 2018 tax returns, have been submitted. Discrepancies will be evaluated and awards may be adjusted or revoked if deemed appropriate by the Tuition Assistance Committee.


*Any information submitted in connection with tuition assistance applications is subject to audit and verification. Parents are required to provide all requested documented evidence to support information on the application. The school requires that families submit a signed IRS Form 4506-T (Request for Transcript of Tax Return) as part of the application process, which may be later used to verify submitted tax returns.


For more information or specific questions about the application process for Tuition Assistance, please contact the TADS Parent Helpline at 800-884-8237 or support@tads.com.


For questions regarding financial need or your specific award, contact La Reina’s Business Office, at 805-495-6494, ext. 1005.

Tuition Payment Options

An option for convenient financing for your child's education is available through our partner, Your Tuition Solution. With a low, fixed rate education plan, paying for your child's education can be easier than ever. Your Tuition Solution's convenient payment plans give you a wide range of options. Visit Your Tuition Solution to learn more, calculate payments, or apply online.


La Reina offers The following scholarships for incoming Freshmen:


The Barkley Math and Science Scholarship

This goes to the student with the highest score on the math section of the entrance exam. This is a $1,000 scholarship and is only eligible to current La Reina 8th graders promoting to 9th grade.


High School Placement Test Scholarship

Available to any ninth grade applicant currently attending a Catholic partner school that accepts an offer of admission and registers to attend La Reina High School, this $500 scholarship will be awarded to the applicant obtaining the highest composite score on the entrance placement test. Testing must take place on La Reina’s campus. Awards will be given in June, are credited to the new student’s tuition account, and are non-refundable, and non-renewable.


The Paulson Family Scholarship

This goes to a student with high moral character and demonstrated financial need. It is a $1,000 scholarship that renews automatically each year as long as the student maintains a 3.0 GPA. Not all students are eligible. Accepted students will be notified of their eligibility by the end of April.


The Sisters of Notre Dame Scholarship

Available to two ninth grade applicants who accept a offers of admission and register to attend La Reina High School. The awarded applicants must test on La Reina’s campus. This scholarship is based on the written essay portion of the entrance exam. Awards will be given in June, are credited to the new student’s tuition account, are non-refundable, and non-renewable. All eligible students taking the entrance placement test at La Reina are automatically considered for this scholarship.


Current La Reina High School students are eligible to apply for these annual scholarships:

  • The Heidel Family Scholarship
  • The Powers Scholarship
  • The Sinclair Scholarship
  • The St. Jude Scholarship
  • The Tourikian Scholarship

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