Arts at La Reina

La Reina is committed to offering a robust arts program that reaches every student. Here we understand the value of art - it challenges the mind, nurtures the soul, and spurs innovation. Our graduates are collaborators. They are intuitive, imaginative creators, and observers in all areas of their lives.

Academic courses in the arts support the school's mission of educating the whole person. Opportunities abound both inside and outside of the classroom—from solo singing and theater to graphic design—arts at La Reina not only broadens and enhances learning, but also gives students culture, creativity, and builds community.

Our art department works collaboratively to ensure that all students have many opportunities to explore their talents and creativity while they are at La Reina.
Mrs. Robin Privat, Art Department Chair

The 2018 Evening of Art was an incredible showcase of Regent talent in dance, music, theater, and improv. Demonstrating their work in classes and clubs, Regent Performers shared their gifts with a very appreciative crowd. Many thanks to our performing arts teachers for putting together such a wonderful night!