La Reina's Dance Program is designed to help students grow as dancers, artists, performers and most importantly as confident and self-assured young women. The dance performance ensembles participate in jazz, hip hop and choreography classes. These ensembles are an integral part of the fall musical and also perform at school rallies, Comedy Sportz matches and La Reina sporting events, as well as the Spring Arts Showcase.

Student choreography is honored at La Reina. We seek to give dancers a forum to express themselves and hone their creative and technical skills through developing and teaching choreography. Student choreographers work with fellow students to produce lunch time dance events, and present their work in the spring fine arts showcase.

La Reina is one of the few schools in the area where dancers can be part of a high level Varsity dance team while still being able to compete and train with an outside studio.

Kaeli Coppa '18

Dance Opportunities

High School Dance Team - Students in the High School Dance Team practice throughout the year, and perform as part of La Reina events and at one regional competition every year.

Middle School Dance Team -

Middle School dance students meet twice a week in the mornings, and once a week in the evenings to learn dances, practice technique, and prepare for events. They perform at La Reina events, competitions, and the Spring Showcase, focusing on multiple styles of dance including modern, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, and musical theater.