Visual Arts

The practice and study of the arts is both complex and fun. All of the department’s classes - from introductory to advanced - seek to help students understand how creativity, imagination, physical skill sets, intellectual aptitude, and curiosity are necessary for success.

Our goal is to ensure that all students, regardless of prior skill, will leave the department with highly refined physical skills, mental discipline and focus, and specific areas of expertise that will serve them well in whatever personal or professional direction they choose to pursue at the college or university level.

Congratulations Anna Martin `20 and Sabrina Hamor `18 on Winning the Pope Francis Scholarship

The Mission Doctors Association selected Anna Martin and Sabrina Hamor as recipients of the 2017 Pope Francis Scholarship.

The MDA invited local Catholic students from the archdiocese of Los Angeles to submit original art that addresses the concerns of poverty and healthcare and the Catholic response to these issues. Both students submitted graphic designs. Learning about the MDA for their project raised the students' social awareness.

Nano, a graphic designer says that it has been wonderful teaching all girls. "They have amazing talent and I love making them aware of it. "incredibly impressed by MDAs devotion to serving people around the world, and it has inspired me to consider what more I can do to serve others."

Anna Martin and Sabrina Hamor recieved their award at the annual Christian Service Awards Mass at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels in Los Angeles. Congratulations, Regents!