La Reina's media program helps students develop facility with all aspects of the Adobe Creative Suite, while helping them develop a keen eye for style and design. We believe that design is communication, and our classes help students understand how to translate their ideas into images that resonate. Students gain practical experience by creating designs for school programs, including designing the posters for musicals and plays, creating the school Christmas card, designing Valentines for the Show Your Love appeal, and participating in both local and national design contests.

Mrs. Hovsepian has given us many opportunities to get involved in our community. She pushes us to express our creativity and to design freely. She doesn't hold us down, she lets us go. - Sabrina Hamor `18

Media Courses

Graphic Design - Graphic Design teaches foundational Adobe skills through creative and fun projects including self portraits, posters for school musicals and plays, and local design contests.

Web Design - Students learn wordpress, basic HTML and photo editing skills. They get to practice laying out web pages for various types of websites, and learn about virtual communications, both written and video.

Fashion Design - This course encourages students to explore fashion while gaining valuable computer skills. Students gain experience with color, pattern making, and design, and learn about the business of fashion.

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- Self Portrait, Ava Curtin

Easter Cards

Check out the cute Easter Cards designed by students in Mrs. Hovsepian's Graphic Design class! Click on a thumbnail to see the whole card.