Alternative Athletic Program

Our athletic program strives to provide opportunities for all of our students to participate in numerous athletic activities. Since we cannot provide all sports and athletic activities, at all levels, for all student athletes, we have instituted an Alternative Athletic Program that recognizes a student’s participation in off-campus athletic activity. A student who participates in an Olympic medal sport and/or a CIF (California Interscholastic Federation) sport that is not offered by La Reina High School can gain athletics credit for the off-campus activity. Students fulfilling the requirements of the AAP will receive a Pass/Fail appearing on the transcript for a season of Varsity level credit.


  • Club athletics do not qualify unless the sport is not offered by La Reina High School
  • Completion of online application by deadline and approval by Athletic Department
  • Activity is monitored by a national governing association, federation, or committee
  • The activity is competition or professional performance-based
  • Written verification of hours and competition at the end of the semester/season by a coach or director (Parents may not verify hours)
  • Students may only apply for one exemption per year
  • Application is not seeking retroactive credit