Play a sport or cheer for your friends at their games

Microwave one of Chef Cam's cookies and eat it with a spoon

Put your arms around your best friends' shoulders and sing the Alma Mater - don't forget to stomp your feet!

Earn pennants at La Reina High Day

Decorate a friend's locker

Join a Club - with so many to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect fit

Make friends for life on the 8th Grade D.C. Trip

Be tech crew on a play - it's a team experience that will stick with you for life

Perform with a vocal group, or simply sing along with the God Lead singers every mass - 'God Girl' is our anthem!

Learn what "TECC" stands for (hint: it's in English classes)

Cheer at - or perform in - the Lip Sync Rally

Shop at the Regent Marketplace put together by Mr. Jones's Econ classes

Cheer for the students during the student-faculty volleyball game

Outdoor education - "It's not just a game, it's an adventure!"

Wear fun socks

Dress up and build your "land" during Friendship Week

Learn to live your 4th at Kairos Retreat

Eat a pizza bagel at Renaissance Fair

Go for a jog on "the hill"

Act in a Shakespeare play for Renaissance Day

Learn More About La Reina