Whether it's our dozens visual and performing arts activities (plays, dance, singing, mock trial, etc.), our 50-plus Student Life activities (clubs, retreats, etc.), our 25 sports teams, or nearly 150 courses offered, any girl can find what she is looking for at La Reina. This is a school where young women are given the opportunity and the tools to discover and develop their passions. La Reina girls can do it all.


Our all-girl advantage really allows La Reina girls to shine. Every leadership position on campus is help by a girl - every club president, team captain, student government officer, and every classroom leadership role. La Reina students go out into the world with practical leadership experience, and knowing that they are armed with the tools to succeed and to thrive.


As impactful and integral to the mission of La Reina as our retreat and service programs are, they are only the beginning. La Reina girls put in thousands upon thousands of hours every year in service to one another, to our school, and to our community. This service is not merely to check off a box on a college application form. It is a genuine response to Christ's call for us to love one another and to stand up for social justice.

Educational Heritage: The Sisters of Notre Dame

La Reina builds on the educational heritage of the Sisters of Notre Dame that originated more than 160 years ago in Coesfeld, Germany.

All of the sponsored educational institutions of the Sisters have been founded on four principles:

Notre Dame Educational Principles

  • The centrality of a good and provident God
  • The human dignity of each person as an image of God
  • The Notre Dame educator as Gospel witness
  • An integrated education for transformation

The faculty, staff, and students continually strive to give witness to these four principles in the lived reality of La Reina High School and Middle School.

For further information about the Sisters of Notre Dame, please refer to these links:

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Next Steps...

20 Things to Do Before You Graduate!

La Reina has many unique and long-standing traditions that both enhance the educational curriculum and bring a spirit of joy to campus. We asked current students to help create a list of things that all Regents should try before they graduate. There are many more activities and traditions that could be listed, but here are the top 20 answers.
  1. Play a sport or cheer for your friends at their games
  2. Join a club - with so many to choose from you are sure to find the perfect fit
  3. Cheer at - or perform in - the Lip Sync Rally
  4. Dress up and build your "land" during Friendship Week
  5. Microwave one of Chef Cam's cookies and eat it with a spoon
  6. Make friends for life on the 8th Grade DC Trip
  7. Shop at the Regent Marketplace put together by Mr. Jones's Econ Class

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