Mission & History

Mission Statement

La Reina High School & Middle School is a Catholic college preparatory school for young women in the tradition, vision, and educational principles of the Sisters of Notre Dame.

La Reina provides a nurturing, Catholic environment of educational excellence, focused on helping young women develop into moral and self-confident leaders, who work for the transformation of individuals and society.

Students are given opportunities to foster their relationship with God, to grow intellectually, to develop their individual gifts, and to be catalysts for the promotion of justice locally, nationally and globally.

50th Anniversary Slideshow

La Reina Traditions

La Reina CrestThe school is based on the Notre Dame Educational Cornerstones. In 1964, Sister Mary Ralph Fahey, first principal at La Reina wrote, “The young women of the Conejo need a high school of high standards and excellent curriculum, but most of all they need a quality education based on the Catholic faith and values and a school where the individual student is valued and respected.”

School Colors: Hunter green and gold

School Insignia: Regents

Alma Mater

Our La Reina High,
loved Alma Mater,
keep us true and loyal Regents all,
e’re upholding standards
bold and daring,
valiant students faithful to our call.
We will always praise, defend all that’s good, esteem the right and fair,
love and cherish ev’ry mem’ry
and be worthy of the name we bear.

Our La Reina days hold many mem’ries of the times
we spend together here.
They remind us also to look forward to each new, exciting, happy year.
And Our Lady, Queen of all,
is our model and our guide.
She’ll find us peace true and lasting
‘til in heaven with her we’ll all abide.

Written by Sister Mary Josanne Furey, SND

Friendship Week

During Friendship Week, the school community celebrates the bonds of friendship, love and respect that unite all La Reina students. The week culminates with La Reina High Day which begins with a prayer service followed by the presentation of the "lands" and a spirit rally that honors the stiudents for their creativity and teamwork.

Junior Ring Ceremony

The Junior Ring Ceremony celebrates the members of the Junior Class as they receive their class rings and are welcomed as upperclasswomen.

Renaissance Festival

A special day of Shakespeare and history, the Renaissance Festival provides an opportunity for students to perform scenes from classic Shakespeare and to fully participate in a Renaissance Faire experience.

Kairos - Spiritual Retreat

The Kairos retreat is a four-day off-campus experience wherein students are led to consider what God has gifted them to do in life and invited to accept themselves and others as loved unconditionally by God. Kairos, which is Greek for 'special time,' encourages each participant to look carefully at herself, her relationship with others, and her relationship with God. Kairos is one of our alumnae's most cherished memories of La Reina, as the program's journey of self discovery helps enhance relationships with family, friends, and community.

Evening of Excellence

Instituted in 1983, the Evening of Excellence is an annual awards program which recognizes students who have achieved excellence in a particular field. Designed to highlight individual students' talents, this event gives the school, scholarship donors, and local community organizations the opportunity to recognize our Regents' hard work and dedication.

Opening School Mass

On this day the entire school gathers for a special liturgy to officially open the school year. With an emphasis on La Reina traditions, the school asks for God's blessing on our community and our educational efforts in the coming year. After the liturgy, Student Council officers and members pledge their loyalty and support to the ideals of La Reina High School & Middle School.

May Crowning

In May, the school community honors Mary, the Mother of God, with the celebration of a special liturgy in which the youngest Regents are mentored in liturgical leadership by the seniors and work together to guide prayer and music for the La Reina community.

Green & Gold Tea

Each May, the Green and Gold Tea welcomes all incoming freshmen and their guests. These incoming La Reina students are celebrated and given the opportunity to develop bonds with their fellow Regents.

2013 National Blue Ribbon School

2013 Blue Ribbon School Seal

La Reina High School was selected as a 2013 National Blue Ribbon School by the United States Department of Education. This is the highest national award that a school can receive and is given for a period of seven years.

We were one of just three non-public high schools selected in the entire United States, one of two high schools in California and the only school in either Ventura County or the entire Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

The National Blue Ribbon program honors “Exemplary High Performing Schools,” using nationally normed tests. To apply for the award, a school must perform in the top 15% of the nation in both the reading and math section of the selected exam, with at least 90% of its students taking the exam. Junior high scores came from the IOWA Test of Basic Skills and senior high scores from the SAT. In addition to meeting the test requirements, La Reina completed an extensive application which summarized the schools strengths and accomplishments and demonstrated how the school community works together to promote student success.

La Reina highlighted these school strengths in its application:

  • The education of young women “in the tradition, vision and educational principles of the Sisters of Notre Dame,” who founded the school in 1964.
  • The religion curriculum and Christian service program that encourages students to make a difference both locally and globally.
  • The traditions that build community like Friendship Week and the Renaissance Festival.
  • The Mock Trial and Speech and Debate teams that have received national recognition for many years.
  • The schoolwide writing program which has resulted in test scores (AP Literature, AP Language, and the writing section of the SAT) that place it consistently in the top 10% of the nation.
  • The high national test scores and the number of graduates that attend four year colleges and universities.
  • The athletic programs which have been recognized for both their excellence and their emphasis on sportsmanship.
  • The commitment to 21st century learning and the introduction of the one-to-one IPad program.
  • The addition of the period 7 elective program which has allowed students to take courses ranging from Robotics to World Cinema.
  • The 6 year accreditation from WCEA/ WASC in 2010, which commended the school for “furthering the spirituality and personal transformation of students.”

La Reina’s comprehensive college prep curriculum and activities programs assist each student to discover, develop and share the unique gifts God has given her. In addition to the programs listed above, campus ministry, leadership, journalism, service, and the visual and performing arts provide diverse and creative outlets for the students.

The guidance program offers support through personal and group counseling. A comprehensive college advisement program assists students and parents as they explore colleges and financial aid opportunities.

As a private Catholic school, La Reina is financially independent from all government and Catholic church entities. The school relies on the support of hundreds of donors and volunteers every year. These partners have a strong commitment to La Reina’s mission and they rejoice at the success of the students and alumnae.

Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs)

La Reina graduates are women who:

Foster their relationship with God

  • Know Catholic traditions and beliefs
  • Demonstrate respect for other faiths
  • Develop personal and communal spirituality
  • Demonstrate Christian values of integrity, justice and service

Grow intellectually

  • Demonstrate academic preparedness for college
  • Use effective oral and written communication
  • Use technology effectively, appropriately and ethically
  • Use critical thinking skills

Develop their individual gifts

  • Discover and foster God-given talents
  • Realize a sense of self-worth and confidence
  • Develop their creativity and imagination
  • Participate in activities that demonstrate personal transformation

Impact the global community

  • Demonstrate leadership and service in the community
  • Practice responsible citizenship
  • Promote justice in the local, national and global community