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We are dedicated to providing a Catholic education that is both rigorous and well rounded, reflecting the values of a traditional and classical learning while at the same time recognizing the demands of a global society. In a supportive setting, our students are challenged to nurture their curiosity, engage their intellect, develop a strong voice, and strengthen their core values.  With the mission of preparing each and every student to matriculate to the college or university that is right for her, our experienced faculty works collaboratively through its eight core departments to offer a balanced curricula that allows our students to develop into thoughtful, creative, and purposeful citizens and leaders, women who embrace the values of reason, goodness, integrity, and justice. 

We believe that nurturing our students and celebrating their individuality is essential to their academic success.  La Reina students  pursue their individual interests--whether athletic, artistic, or humanitarian--while they are intellectually challenged. Our eight core departments—English, Foreign Languages, Mathematics, Religion, Science, Social Science, Technological Arts, and Visual and Performing Arts—are supported by a faculty who bring a wealth of experience and vision to the classroom. Students are encouraged to think freely, to question deeply, to explore ideas and interests, and to rise to the highest of expectations and possibilities.  

An intellectual atmosphere pervades the campus—where even some of our best extra-curricular teams and events have an academic base—encouraging students to debate, to speak eloquently, and to work collaboratively. The inter-connectedness of academics to campus life is abundantly clear in the arts as well—students have a forum and a voice for creative productions that have purpose and dignity of expression. It is our mission to promote a love of life-long learning in each and every one of our alumnae, an enterprise that will enrich our community and endure as our most important legacy.




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