Parent Education

Throughout the school year, La Reina offers workshops, speakers, and other activities to offer assistance to parents on a variety of topics including communication with children, teaching resilience in our children, how brain science plays a role in education and raising children, and much more.

We've hosted a variety of workshops and hosted several speakers including best-selling author Michael Gurian, Robert Scholz, and Dr. Connie Horton.

There is much more to come, as we continue to work with our families to help turn La Reina girls into faith-filled women who will shape and lead our world.

The Minds of Girls with Dr. Michael Gurian

Best-selling author Dr. Michael Gurian visited La Reina to discuss some of the brain science and physiological differences between boys and girls, and why single-sex education is so beneficial.

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Parent Education Workshops

La Reina hosted a six-week workshop taught by certified Parenting Instructor and Coach (and La Reina parent), Michelle Macmanus Runnels. Topics discussed included:

  • Communication tactics that create conversation and build intimacy and trust.
  • Tricks and tools for managing power struggles and coming to agreement and cooperation.
  • Methods for controlling your own worries and fears so you experience more calm and can model calmness and positivity for your daughter.
  • And more...

Mental Health in the Age of Social Media

In an effort to support the La Reina community in the ongoing challenges with technology, La Reina presented an evening with Dr. Lisa Strohman, a world-renowned psychologist, and author of groundbreaking book, Digital Distress Growing Up Online on August 10, 2023. Nearly 300 families and community members attended this free event in order to educate themselves on the impact of technology on today’s youth.

Dr. Lisa offered possible solutions for curbing the harmful impacts of social media in order to support the community during this unprecedented time.

Watch the full presentation below.

The Resilient Teen with Dr. Connie Horton and Robert Scholz

La Reina parents and community members were joined by two adolescent and college mental health experts as they provided tips on how to best prepare teenagers how to better handle life now and prepare for college and beyond. Drawing on the research and the presenters' experiences, this presentation focused on the common qualities among those adolescents who are able to fall down, pick themselves up, and keep going.

The Resilient Teen Presentation