La Reina has a long tradition of helping every student to find her own voice, and to believe in herself as an independent thinker, with a deep commitment to serving others. We empower young women to be informed, empathetic, and engaged members of society. La Reina students make a difference through experiential learning and engagement. The Catholic Church’s teachings are a treasure trove of wisdom, focused on building a just society and living lives of purpose and faith in a challenging, modern world.


“La Reina showed me the importance of respecting everyone, regardless of their beliefs or background. These Catholic values passed down to me are the most important and influential part of my La Reina education.”


— Kassandra Cummings ’19; Loyola Marymount University, B.A. Psychology, 2023 candidate


Spiritual Life at La Reina

Liturgy and Worship

One of the beautiful gifts we have at La Reina is the ability to come together as a community to pray! On average, we take one day a month to stop our routines, and to gather as a united school community to acknowledge and thank our good God. Each year, a team of dedicated students train to assume various roles during the liturgies. Along with the God Lead Singers, we work hard to create an upbeat spiritual atmosphere in which to praise God! All are welcome to attend our masses. Please check the calendar for the specific date each month.

Liturgy Coordinating Team
  • Students of all grade levels are invited to participate in liturgy planning, preparation and leadership roles.
Liturgy Training Day
  • Various ministries for student participation: Environment, Ushers, Altar Servers, Eucharistic Ministers
  • Experts are provided to train the students in the various ministries
Monthly Liturgy
  • Schoolwide
Reconciliation Service
  • Advent & Lent
  • Opportunity for the Sacrament of Penance and/or Spiritual Direction

Service Learning

The Service Learning and Leadership program strives to provide students with service and leadership opportunities that will engage and prepare them to use their talents in service to others. Whether serving meals to the homeless or leading a Friendship Week rally, our students dedicate hours in service to their peers and their community. La Reina nurtures servant leadership, preparing Regents to transform the world into a more just, loving, and inclusive place.


La Reina students participate in various service learning experiences:
  • Adopt-A-Family - La Reina has participated in a giving program during the Christmas season since the 1980's, and Adopt-A-Family since the early 2000's. Adopt-A-Family was started by Msgr. Terence Fleming and is run through Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral. The program serves over 300 families every year on Skid Row, and throughout the downtown LA area.
  • Freshman Day of Service -  As freshmen start their high school experience together, it is important that that they have intentional time to grow closer as a class, to recognize and develop their own leadership potential, and to reflect on their responsibilities not only to each other but also to the larger community. With these goals in mind, La Reina organizes the Freshman Day of Service in the early weeks of the school year. The day consists of a morning service outing, lunch and prayer at the Notre Dame Center, and leadership activities back on campus. 
  • Senior Service Learning - Senior Service Learning is a theme-based, three-day service experience that helps students to deeply think about the needs of our community. For the past three years, Senior Service Learning has focused on addressing food insecurity in our community.
  • Community Service Hours - In fulfillment of the mission of the Sisters of Notre Dame and the philosophy of La Reina High School & Middle School, a designated number of Community Service hours are required of all students. This service is to be completed in the larger community, giving the student an opportunity to share her gifts beyond the school.


La Reina's retreat program offers annual opportunities for La Reina students to connect more fully with themselves, their community, and their God. Each retreat offers times for community building and fun, personal reflection and prayer, and creative expression. Each retreat is also prepared and led by a team of peer leaders who meet for several weeks prior to the retreat to design a unique and meaningful experience for the class they are preparing to serve. Our greatest hope is that young women will emerge as strong, confident, reflective, and empathetic leaders who, through the use of their own gifts, will ultimately glorify God by creating a better world.