There are over 30 clubs at La Reina High School & Middle School. Students are encouraged to join clubs in order to explore their interests, develop leadership skills, and participate fully in the life of the school.

Students can earn an activity letter through their participation in extra-curricular activities if they earn 20 or more activity credits. Students can earn one activity credit for every 15 hours of learning experience in an activity. A maximum of 5 activity credits may be earned per activity per semester. Middle school students may carry over a maximum of 10 activity credits into high school.


Some clubs and organizations require a membership fee to help defray the cost of activities, field trips, guest speakers, etc.

While students are encouraged to become involved, they are reminded that certain activities may require a greater time-commitment and level of responsibility than others. It is suggested that students think carefully about ALL of their responsibilities (both in and out of school) and that they discuss the extent of involvement with their parents and moderators before making a commitment to a major activity.

Club Moderators

All club meetings are held under the direct supervision of the adult moderator.

Note: Being that all clubs are student-proposed and student-led, club activity ranges considerably from year to year and even at different times of the year. The following is a list of clubs that have been active within the past few years. Contact the moderator to learn more about the clubs' current activity.