2018 Test Scores

We are pleased to announce that we recently received the SAT and AP scores for our 2018 graduates. Once again, our students have outperformed their female peers by achieving SAT scores 21% higher (225 points) than the national and state averages.  Our scores are also higher than the scores of all students from local private schools.

As you may know, the SAT has two sections – math and evidence-based-reading and writing. The combined scores from these sections are compared in the four year snapshot included here.

Moreover, our AP test results were also impressive. While AP scores are not reported by gender, our 2018 graduates enjoyed an AP pass rate of 88% compared to the California rate of 64% and national average pass rate of 61%.

While education for transformation, a pivotal principle of all Sisters of Notre Dame schools, is about more than merely test scores, we are proud of our recent graduates for their outstanding achievement on these exams. Each and every one of our graduates and current students demonstrate the hallmarks of the La Reina Girl – they are confident, capable and compassionate.

We also congratulate our faculty, who continually seek and support excellence in all that they do in helping to educate and form the young women at the school. 

As one faculty member recently shared, “La Reina students are part of a legacy of excellence. Standing on the shoulders of giants, they are expected to uphold that tradition. They should not accept anything less for and from themselves. They are all capable of amazing things and they achieve amazing things.”