Mental Heath in the Age of Social Media - Dr. Lisa K. Strohman, JD, PhD

Mental Heath in the Age of Social Media - Dr. Lisa K. Strohman, JD, PhD

In an effort to support the La Reina community in the ongoing challenges with technology, La Reina presented an evening for parents with Dr. Lisa Strohman, a world-renowned psychologist, and author of groundbreaking book, Digital Distress Growing Up Online. Nearly 300 families and community members attended this free event in order to educate themselves on the impact of technology on today’s youth. 

Today’s youth face an unprecedented mental health crisis. The cyberbullying victimization rate among middle and high school students is at an all-time high. In Dr. Lisa’s research and practice, she notes that there is a strong correlation between the increase of students’ mental health issues and the rise of social media use. 

During the event, Dr. Lisa asked the crowd if they 
or someone they know is struggling with their mental health. More than 75% of the audience raised their hands. Suicide is now the second leading cause of death of children. About 80% of children have been approached by traffickers or exposed to explicit images online. Self-harm and suicidal thinking has gone up by 200% since the birth of social media. 

There is hope! 

Dr. Lisa offered possible solutions for curbing the harmful impacts of social media. She shared the strategy called “Stop, Drop, and Role.” STOP means that we have to stop turning a blind eye on technology. We have to stop pretending that we can’t fix this problem. DROP means that we have to drop the excuses. We must drop the passive voice. We cannot keep saying “it is what it is.” ROLE means that we must embrace our role and take our place in history. We must own the role as advocates for our children - it is what we make it.  

Principal Maggie Marschner felt called to host this event after holding countless meetings with current students and parents about their experiences with technology and mental health. Principal Marschner believes that the faculty, staff and parents need to address this epidemic and stand in unity to keep our children safe. 

If you were unable to make the event and are interested in watching the recorded session, please visit the Parent Education Resources button below. 

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