There is a palpable sense of pride in a school that has a good leader. La Reina High School and Middle School is blessed to have a true leader, Principal Maggie Marschner. Mrs. Marschner’s leadership is student-centered; she knows the students’ names, their stories, their goals, and their dreams. She is wholly committed to supporting the success of each student, and  she believes and knows that La Reina is the foundation for the students’ futures. Seeing her leadership in action, the students have affectionately nicknamed Mrs. Marschner, “The People’s Principal.”

Mrs. Marschner’s leadership has markedly changed the instructional framework at La Reina, which empowers young women to take ownership of their learning. With a students first approach informed by data, Mrs. Marschner collaborates with La Reina’s faculty  to create targeted goals, address the needs of all students, identify innovative instructional practices, and sustain efforts that prove to support student achievement.

Knowing how important it is for students to have multiple opportunities to share their ideas and engage in leadership roles, Mrs. Marschner created the Principal’s Inter-Council, a group of students representing grades 6 - 12. They meet monthly with her in a student-led environment as she works with them to identify specific areas of need on campus and to propose possible solutions for discussion. This offers students a way to deepen their connection to their school experience, giving them a voice and a vested interest in their school.

The La Reina community has embraced and celebrated Mrs. Marschner. As one alumna and current staff member shared, “Principal Marschner is a visionary leader and a wonderful example of leadership to the young women of La Reina. She is a talented educator and gifted administrator. We are blessed to have her lead our school.”

When not at La Reina Mrs. Marschner enjoys spending time with her family, she is married and has two daughters and a son. During her “off” time she is frequently reading educational research, studying strategies that will enable La Reina’s programs to best serve the girls. The girls’ futures are truly her focus.

Prior to her work at La Reina, Mrs. Marschner served diverse populations of students in a variety of school settings as an assistant principal, instructional coach, district project facilitator, and teacher. She sat on the Governor’s Teacher and Leaders Council of Nevada.

Mrs. Marschner holds two master’s degrees in education in the areas of Educational Leadership and Secondary Education. She has enjoyed lecturing at the university level sharing her expertise on the importance of data-driven practices in the classroom as well as educational theory.

Meet Principal Marschner on Tuesdays for a virtual tour of La Reina! Registar at: Zoom