We join Pope Francis "in praying for the repose of the soul of George Floyd and of all those others who have lost their lives as a result of the sin of racism."

In their founding and continuing sponsorship of La Reina, the Sisters of Notre Dame have imparted to us their educational vision and principles. These values of educating for the transformation of individuals and society, working for justice, respecting the human dignity of each person and developing reflective critical thinkers who “have the determination to influence systemic and structural change,” are core tenets of our teaching. These principles, among other values they articulate, challenge us to respond to the reprehensible killing of George Floyd and other Black lives that our country mourns. These tragedies compel us to act and to address the inequities that exist in our nation. Please refer to the SND official statement HERE.

In recent days one of our 2020 graduates has inspired many of her alumnae sisters in calling our La Reina community to search our hearts and examine our consciences with one central question…can we do better? The fact that this young woman has issued this challenge to school leadership, her fellow alumnae, and to our community, is a source of pride that the SND principles and values are being effectively transmitted.

In the Spirit of Christ, it is our pledge to act; to discover where we can grow and to engage our students and constituents in the process. Led by our office of Mission and Catholic Identity, we will form a broadly representative panel to help us in our efforts toward greater diversity, inclusion, and equity. Whether it’s having difficult conversations, enhancing our coursework, examining our service program, redoubling our efforts to raise more resources for tuition assistance, cultivating greater student voice in our processes, closely monitoring our demographic trends against our enrollment, or other key aspects of our school, we will look comprehensively and deeply at what we do, how we do it and with whom we do it.

We welcome your thoughts and invite you to use the following email link, website@lareina.com to contribute to our process.

In solidarity and faith,

Tony Guevara, President     Maggie Marschner, Principal