Let Tradition Surprise You

Let Tradition Surprise You 

Where Young Women Embrace Their Value

In a world marked by rapid change and shifting values, La Reina Catholic School stands firm in its commitment to empowering young women through an authentically Catholic education. Rooted in a rich tradition, La Reina fosters an environment where students not only seek but also find the beauty of their faith, a beauty that St. Augustine of Hippo described as “ever ancient, and ever new”  

(The Confessions, Book X). This beauty is embodied in the profound concept of love, personified by Jesus Christ. In this article, we explore how La Reina combines tradition and innovation, faith and reason, and mentorship and education to illuminate the path for young women to embrace their inherent value.

La Reina is a learning environment where tradition meets progress harmoniously. Rooted in the profound mission and rich history of the Catholic Church, La Reina is uniquely poised to provide young women with an education that seamlessly blends values with the demands of a rapidly changing world. Here, young women are not only equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for tomorrow’s challenges but also nurtured in the sacred truths of spirituality. 

La Reina students are encouraged to explore and deepen their faith while simultaneously engaging in rigorous intellectual inquiry. The importance of developing faith and reason, lies in their compatible coexistence, creating an environment where young women grow in their understanding of the Catholic faith while developing critical thinking skills, ethical values, and a strong foundation for a purposeful life. This balanced approach ensures that La Reina graduates not only excel academically but also possess a strong moral compass, enabling them to make meaningful contributions to both their communities and society at large.

Mentorship and education are intrinsically intertwined at  La Reina. Our dedicated teachers are more than instructors, they are mentors, coaches, and club moderators, invested in each student’s growth as a scholar and distinct individual, blessed with unique talents and gifts bestowed upon them by God. Their commitment is to guide each young woman along her individual path toward becoming the remarkable woman she is destined to be.

Teaching the Dignity of Girls
La Reina embarked on an educational initiative in the 2022-23 academic school year fulfilling the school’s unwavering commitment 
to nurturing strong, morally grounded female leaders. 

The Endow (Educating on the Nature and Dignity of Women) curriculum was chosen and incorporated into the La Reina curriculum for its ability to empower girls in high school and middle school, with a profound sense of purpose and inherent God-given dignity. La Reina alumna class of ’99, Simone Rizkallah, (former Regent Performer and member of La Reina’s Campus Ministry Team), serves as the Director of Program Growth for Endow. 

The integration of the Endow series into La Reina’s educational framework holds a special significance within the school community, underscoring the harmonious connection between the Church’s teachings and La Reina’s mission. Most Reverend José H. Gomez, the Archbishop of Los Angeles, aided the development of the program saying that, “Endow is the most important apostolate of our time.” 

True to Our Catholic Identity
Today’s youth are actively seeking genuine mentorship, a profound need that has come to light thanks to the confluence of centuries-old pastoral practices and modern data analysis methods within the Catholic Church. 

In his document “Christus Vivit,” Pope Francis acknowledges the invaluable enthusiasm and creativity that young people contribute to dialogues, offering fresh perspectives on timeless issues. Nevertheless, the wisdom and guidance of experienced mentors and educators remain essential when engaging with our youth. At  La Reina, the principles of mentorship and attentive listening underpin our approach to Student Christian Leadership.

Led by Jason Coito, the Chair of the Religion Department, Student Christian Leadership is a vibrant student group that convenes during lunch and after school in La Reina’s Magis Center. This dedicated group of students plays a pivotal role in nurturing the spiritual life of La Reina.

Student Christian Leadership provides crucial support for student retreats, ensuring these transformative experiences run seamlessly. They actively participate in school-wide Mass, contributing to the creation of a spiritually enriching atmosphere for all students. Embodying the Christian values of service and compassion, Student Christian Leadership students are also involved in charitable initiatives.

The success of Student Christian Leadership is firmly rooted in authentic mentorship and a receptive ear. The faculty and staff at La Reina lead by example, demonstrating academic expertise, discernment, and professional integrity. They not only impart knowledge but are united in their commitment to model love, acceptance, and courage as they live out their faith in the modern world.

As Student Christian Leaders on campus, the young women of La Reina embark on a profound journey of self-discovery. They build deep connections with each other and nurture their relationship with the Divine, “the Good God,” as understood by St. Julie Billiart.

Student Christian Leadership’s objective is to guide these students in becoming the best versions of themselves, fostering strength and resilience. Beyond personal growth, an environment is cultivated where young women learn to appreciate and respect the inherent humanity of everyone they encounter in the world. This holistic approach to education empowers them to be strong advocates for justice and compassion, thus making a positive impact on the broader community.