After Easter Sunday

As we are still in Easter time and hear the Alleluias during our liturgy, the post-resurrection stories inspire and amaze us.  Christianity is based upon: Jesus is Alive! Jesus is present, continuing to bring us peace and love through the power of the Holy Spirit. I especially find joy in reading the scripture passages in John chapters 20 and 21. In John 20. 11-18, Mary Magdalene meets Jesus in the garden outside the empty tomb.  The dialogue is sacred: “Woman, why are you weeping?” “Who are you looking for?”  Only when Jesus Alive says to her, “Mary,” does she recognize what has happened.  In the Gospel of John symbolism and metaphors are used to convey a deeper meaning. Mary runs to tell the apostles “I have seen the Lord,” and then later Peter says, “I have seen the Lord.” In both cases they mean they “get it” or “grasp it” and believe!  To ”see” or  “have seen” or “I saw” or “can see” in John’s Gospel is one of the greatest testimonies, and challenges us to know Who we are seeking and to hear our name called, and then say, “Now I can SEE!”