September 29th our Church celebrates three archangels: Michael, Gabriel and Rafael.

October 2nd we honor our Guardian Angels. Do you believe in Angels?

I have never seen an angel, but I believe in them as special messengers from God. Why? Because I have at times felt their protecting and guiding presence in my life. In our tradition we note their “specialization” and we pray to Michael to “defend us in the battle” against evil and those forces that discourage and try to keep us away from God; we pray to Gabriel, the messenger and guide who spoke God’s call to Mary in the Annunciation; we pray to Rafael, the Angel of the sick and healing presence of God.

 More to the point of our daily life, we believe we each have a personal Guardian Angel.  I call mine “Michael” because one time when I was frightened in a public train station, I just spontaneously started whispering, “Michael, Michael,” and I meant “my Michael” not necessarily the Archangel. However if you stop by my office, you will always find a statue of St. Michael the Archangel keeping us all safe!

Think about times in your life when an “Angel” just seemed to come when you most needed one. When do you ask your Guardian Angel to watch over you? Sometimes your Angel may be working with you so others can see you as a visible angel!