St. Joseph - Pray for us!

Spring is in the air, Easter is almost here and St. Joseph as well as St. Patrick have been honored.

The month of March which includes the season of Lent this year, is also dedicated to St. Joseph. To honor St. Joseph Archbishop Jose Gomez celebrated a Mass at the Cathedral of the Angels at 8:00 on Friday, March 19, the feast of St. Joseph.

While there is very little said about St. Joseph in the scriptures, the Church has given him much recognition as having been the  faithful foster father of Jesus Christ on earth. He is patron of the dying, patron of workers, one to pray to when looking to buy or sell property, and called patron of the universal church, as one who prays for all of us.  I know St. Anthony is the saint many pray to find lost things, but for myself, I have never asked Joseph for anything including lost items, that he has not come through. The prayer can be simple: St. Joseph, pray for us!