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Gabriella Brignardello '12
“No matter how much time passes, I know that I will always be a La Reina girl at heart because it is this school, this faculty, and this group of girls that encouraged me to become confident, giving, and strong in my beliefs."

Claire Sheller '17
“La Reina is more than just a college preparatory school. It is a family. Nowhere else have I experienced the love of Christ shine through so many individuals. I can confidently say that I’ve been shaped by my education at La Reina. I never felt the need to conform or to act a certain way. My friends are not merely my classmates, they are my sisters.”

Young Women
Talia Berriz '17
"The amazing community at La Reina has shaped me into who I am today. The academics made me intelligent, my friends made me strong and the teachers made me feel cared for in a way I didn’t think a school could do. But, then again, La Reina is not just a school. It is a family. A family who has raised me to be a strong, independent woman, ready to take on the world.”
Educational Experience
Julianna Emmanuel '17
"La Reina has supported me along my faith journey and helped me discover more about my Catholic faith. The teachers have taught me to love learning and have become my advocates and friends. La Reina has given me the confidence to pursue my dreams, stand up for what I believe in, taught me the value of service and has given me a passion for social justice and a desire to create a better world.”
Catholic Environment
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